P.A.G.E. Leadership Academy (Passionately Achieving Greatness Everyday) is a disciplined structured Leadership, Entrepreneurship/Voc Tech and Mentorship program for youth ages 12-19. This is our part in helping at-risk/troubled youth stay focused, free from violence, and off the street. Our curriculum is precisely structured to teach our youth how to be self sufficient and self disciplined daily. Each student is taught to respect themselves and each other. A mentor is assigned to students to help shape and mold each of them. They are taught life skills, communication skills, and job skills. We have partnered with other youth organizations to develop some of our programs such as our Entrepreneurship program called “Inspiringpreneurs”. Our youth will learn how to plan, start, and run small businesses/nonprofits. At the end of the program, students will participate in a business convention where they will be able to display, present and market their businesses.