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Our Mission

Angels Live Inc is a 501c3 approved multifaceted non-profit organization where our passion is the act of helping anyone in need by creating an environment of selfless service. We follow three foundational pillars: Serve, Resource, and Scholarship. We Serve anyone that comes to us in need of life’s essentials. As a Resource, we assist those who struggle due to natural disasters, pandemics, and other unfortunate events. We are committed to serve Military Veterans through our W.A.V.E. (Where All Veterans Exist) program. They fought for our freedom. They deserve our unwavering support. We are here to help in the fight against Veteran homelessness by pledging to donate rehabbed homes to Veterans. We are in the fight against Veteran suicide, substance abuse, and trauma. We strive to be a beacon of hope. P.A.G.E. Leadership Academy(Passionately Achieving Greatness Everyday)- A structured and ¬†disciplined Leadership, Entrepreneurship/Voc Tech and Mentorship program for youth ages 10-19. This is our part in helping at-risk/troubled youth stay focused, free from violence, and off the street. Students from P.A.G.E. will assist with rehabbing homes for W.A.V.E by assisting in making the homes smart homes. We collaborate with other organizations, community leaders, and citizens whose passion is the same as ours.

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Service. Resource. Scholarship.

Angels Live focuses on the aftermath of trauma. We want to deal with the real issues that no one wants to talk about. The depression, the PTSD, the heartache, and the anger that comes when a new norm is set.  We are here to help when devastation, grief, and hopelessness surround you. Devastation that loved ones are gone and not coming back. Grief that there is no more food to eat. Hopelessness that there is no home to stay in. We will be there for you at every step.